30+ Stark Reminders That Instagram is Not Reality

Ever scroll through Instagram for so long that your soul starts to fill with dread? You’re not alone. Facebook’s extensive internal research showed that Instagram makes body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls. In September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Facebook’s research and the data lays bare what we all knew was true deep down. Still, even those acutely aware that Instagram poisons the mind with FOMO and insecurity continue to use the app. At some point, a precedent was set for how one should present their ideal self on social media. Now we have face filters that blur imperfections and accentuate features. Teens and influencers alike are using apps like Facetune to practically transform themselves into a new human. Perfect ring lighting makes hair and makeup look impossibly flawless. But Instagram is not reality, and where there’s an edited image, there’s an original.

r/Instagramreality is an eye-opening subreddit that exposes Instagram perfection for what it is: fake as hell. So the next time you’re feeling bad about your normal human face, think of these sobering images we’ve collected from the sub. 

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