37 Memes to Browse at Your Leisure

Have you guys ever noticed that 37 is a pervasive ‘favorite number?’ Think about it: when you’re asked to pick a number between one and ten, aren’t you privy to seven or three? I think it’s because three is halfway between one and five, and seven is halfway between five and ten. In my professional opinion, these are the most popular and famous prime numbers of all time, and you’d better show them the respect they deserve. 

Personally, I don’t have a favorite number. I wish I was like that guy from The Rehearsal and found deep personal significance in numerical patterns, but I don’t. Perhaps this is because I’m an English person instead of a math person. I’m trained to recognize patterns, which is why I care about all of these sheeple obsessed with the number 37. If 37 has ever been your favorite number, or if it’s subconsciously the reason you clicked on this list, then these memes are sure to stimulate your wrinkly brain. 

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