A Bunch More Cringe Because People Just Don’t Stop Embarrassing Themselves

I dream the impossible dream that one day, we will never have to deal with the feeling of shame ever again. That when we are doing things that are just harmlessly embarrassing, we kill the part of us that cringes, not the part that is the cringe. We’ll be free to express ourselves as we wish, and live in a beautiful, humiliation-free utopia where everyone is celebrated for the full depth of their character, no matter how cringeworthy it is. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the society that we live in. At any possible opportunity, we like to point the finger and recoil in horror at the idiosyncrasies of our fellow human beings. It doesn’t help that other people provide us with a lot of ammunition. It might not be the greatest system, but at least karma will come for us as well. There is no-one out there who is immune to being cringe. 

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