A Bunch of Banana Memes That Are Extremely Appealing

In many ways, the banana is the perfect fruit. It’s tasty, it’s been bred to fit perfectly into the human hand, and it’s packed full of nutrients. It is versatile enough to be used multiple ways in baking, and most importantly of all, it is the pinnacle of humor. Some guy slipping on a banana skin is one of the oldest gags in the book, and with good reason; slapstick doesn’t get much better than this. 

Considering that our sweet yellow friends have a storied history with being funny, it’s little surprise that they’ve conquered the world of memes as well. Who can ever forget Peanut Butter Jelly Time? On this greatest of days designated to celebrate the banana, it’s only fair to acknowledge this with a few amusing examples. They are just as wild and wacky as you would expect them to be. They prove that humor is the ideal way to sneak into our five a day. 

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