A Collection of Wacky Culinary Creations That Came to People in Dreams

Those who eat the same kind of oatmeal every morning might find it difficult to wrap their head around, but food is a fun thing to get creative with. You don’t have to be a professional chef to try something new with flavor combinations, and often the results make the experimentation worth it. 

For most people, this curiosity stops here. However, there are an intrepid minority who insist on taking things even further. Our dreams aren’t known for producing anything that makes much sense, which is probably why some people take so much trouble to try and interpret them — even with the food that they serve. «It came to me in a dream» probably isn’t something that most of us want to hear from somebody who is cooking for us, as these examples might suggest. Nonetheless, they’re pretty entertaining to hear about. Bon appetit to all the bedtime cooks out there.

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