A Heavy Tome of History Memes For Internet Scholars

Whether you enjoy having a little giggle at the past, or fact-checking nerdy history memes in your free time, we’ve got a bunch of funny stuff right here for dunces and history buffs alike. And they’re all over the historical map. If you’re into exposing the super-sus and sketchy actions of the CIA, there are memes for you. Prefer the World War II? You guessed it, there are memes about that, too. If you’re into a more all-out style of conflict, the jokes here rely heavily on wars, even shouting out our boys way back when in Carthage.

The fun thing about these memes is that they can wildly oversimplify grim events of the past and still be pretty damn funny. If this were a history class, it might be a problem. But guess what? You’re on the internet, baby. And we do what we want.  


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