An Unnerving Compilation of Cursed and Upsetting Images

Any internet-embittered cynic can tell you that there’s plenty of evil in this world. People commit heinous crimes on a regular basis, and we’re not just talking about the ones that are likely to land you in prison. There are other ways to ruin a person’s life, or hurt their pure soul. It’s true. Every day, there are devious miscreants out there who decide they are hell bent on finding new ways to offend our eyes. Some ways of doing things are just plain wrong, but it doesn’t stop some out there deciding that they want to offend us all by doing things that way. You haven’t known discomfort until you’ve seen a sandwich cut up all wrong, or eat a Big Mac layer by later. There are people who really do this stuff. And because we’ve been forced to see their handiwork, we want to bestow the pain upon you. Sharing is caring. 



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