Arby’s Drive Thru Karen Throws Tantrum Over Order She Hasn’t Even Received Yet

The joys of working in the fast food industry are many. Not only can it feel like you’re fighting for your life on the frontline of customer service every day, but the predicaments you come across can be unpredictable, too. Even when it seems like you’re doing everything right, you never know when somebody is going to decide to cause a little chaos to make you really graft for that hourly rate. 

An Arby’s employee recently proved this point after he took an order at the drive thru and found himself on the receiving end of a lengthy rant from a woman wanting to order a root beer float. However, she apparently could not go through with the process until she had complained about the quality and service from other establishments offering the same thing to @ignastyo, who went viral after posting a video of himself struggling not to laugh at her. 

While the video makes for tiring viewing, many people were amused by the customer’s dedication to getting her beloved «treat» just how she wanted it. This probably wasn’t the best way to get the perfect amount of ice cream, though.


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