Bartending Memes For All the Saints Serving Up the Sauce

Being a bartender may seem like a glamorous and perk-filled gig to some people, but it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be. While it may seem fun and benevolent to be getting people drunk, the duty comes with the bonuses of semi-frequent vomit, belligerence, creepy guys, finger-snapping, and people who expect freebies. Even as a bartender in a restaurant, my clientele may have been politely seated at the bar, but the servers sending me tickets had no concept of the time it takes to make cocktails. I’m only human, even if I can make a damn good Manhattan. 

Some joys that both pub or club bartenders and restaurant bartenders share are bad tippers and long hours on our feet. The struggle is real – and that’s why we tend to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, many of us also end up spending a good share of those earnings at other bars just trying to blow off steam. Which is why I’m now here, typing away in an air-conditioned room for a fraction of the dough. I’ve chosen a healthier lifestyle, but many of my peers are still going hard and getting home when the sun is rising. These memes go out to them – and to any other bartenders who are riding the highs and lows of the gig. 

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