Beer Drinkers Discuss Viral Beer Brand Socio-Political Compass

People take beer pretty seriously. Even the brokest of beer lovers are bound to have their own brand preference, and it’s usually one they will fight to the death to defend. While many of these happen to be regional, there are some nationwide giants that people can’t do without. There are also plenty of stereotypes about beer brands and what they say about the people who drink them. I, for one, know that if you’re drinking a bougie and impeccably designed matte can of beer from a Brooklyn brewery, you’re probably a snob. I also know that if you’re drinking a Tecate at a dive bar in the same city, you’re probably a f*ckboi skater or a broke person who can’t say no to a beer and shot combo. 

Twitter user @brentbrenting1 took this sort of stereotyping and took it to the next level last week when they shared their own beer brand political compass. The compass, which is a pretty common meme format, takes beer brands and gives them a spot that falls somewhere between liberal and conservative and working class and elitist. This sort of thing is bound to go viral, especially considering the fact that everyone on Twitter wants to talk about their preferences no matter the subject. Some people loved the compass, while others vehemently disagreed with it. Our favorite responses come from people who simply want to make it more inclusive and decided to add beers themselves. We’ve put together our favorite responses, but the tweet just keeps on getting bigger, so head on over if you crave more of the juicy responses.

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