Brands And Boomers Post Cringe To Fit In With The Kids

Since the dawn of marketing, businesses have bent over backwards to appeal to the hottest demographic cohorts of the decades. There’s nothing they won’t co-opt, no ‘hip slang’ they won’t butcher just to sell you a bag of chips. It’s fun to imagine a highly neurotic social media marketing ‘expert’ in 2020 studying Urban Dictionary, furiously scribbling ‘thicc’ and ‘mad sus bro’ into a giant ledger. Brands aren’t the only ones attempting to communicate with Zoomers through memes. Parents and teachers are putting on their ‘fellow kids’ hats in a desperate move to appeal to distracted students—though we think these attempts can be somewhat wholesome.

We’ve put together some of our favorite examples of corporate marketing teams and distressed teachers taking a stab at memeing. Most of the time they totally fail, but a few of these made us chuckle.

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