Caterer Gets Roasted For ‘Squid Game’ Style Breakfast Package

Between the ever-changing rules and an economy that occasionally threatens to collapse, small businesses haven’t had it easy over the past year or so. Improvisation has been the name of the game, and those looking to start new ventures have been coming up with some innovative ways to get them off the ground. In theory, it’s a shrewd idea to pin your latest product on the TV series of the moment. However, when the show in question is a violent dystopian drama then it becomes a slightly more questionable decision. 

When @AyeYoDez_DMG revealed on Twitter that he was setting up a breakfast catering service, @paulswhtn was quick to draw a parallel between the photo he had provided and the food given to the game show contestants on hit Netflix show ‘Squid Game’. Consisting of a baffling selection of a prepackaged biscuit, bottle of Coke and a hard-boiled egg, many agreed with him that the meal seemed more like a set of survival rations than something customers would willingly pay $4.99 for. Still, if you’re into cosplaying fighting for your life in a gameshow to the death: boy, do I have a proposition for you!


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