Clingy Coworker Reports Unwitting Mentor to HR For Standing Her Ground

This incompetent coworker reported her competent teammate to HR after she spent months hounding her for information and experience. The report was instigated by the teammate standing her ground after she finally reached a breaking point from all the questions.

In a post on Reddit‘s r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole), this user shared her story, wanting to see if she was wrong for reporting her teammate. 

Readers were quick to point out how out of touch with reality the poster was. Some commenters, like user u/gracca (items #6-10), offered detailed breakdowns of the most delusional parts of the post and highlighted where there were critical mistakes in their thinking.

«YTA,» voted user Immediate-System-716. «You’re being clingy to the point where it’s hurting her productivity and then taking her frustration as hostility.»

Other commenters picked up on the same vibes that I had while reading through this post and commented that they just felt annoyed at the author while reading.

«YTA, not only did you obviously hold her back, you were getting on my nerves just while reading this,» commented user bosko43buha. «I cannot imagine how she must have felt.»

«Lmao, right?» responded user Matty_Cakez. «I’m glad I wasn’t the only one annoyed reading this sh#t.»


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