Convenient Microwave Memes That Are Fit to Make A Meal Out Of

In this world where convenience is king, we are all indebted to the humble microwave. It is there for us countless times over, almost every other time that we eat. From nuking our leftovers in the office breakroom to heating up our half drunk cup of coffee when it gets cold, we’re privileged to live in a time where hot food and drink is mere minutes away from the fridge (so long as we stir it halfway).

That being said, we all know that there are downsides to being too microwave-happy. It can heat up inconsistently, and it makes some things taste weird. Plus, let’s not forget the conspiracy theory that standing next to one too long will give us a brain tumor. Still, they have made enough of an impact with the good and bad that there’s plenty of memes about them. Just don’t wait for them to start beeping.

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