Corny and Stupid Memes From the Unfunny Pits of Facebook

Does anyone actually use Facebook anymore? I find myself asking that question every time I log in for work. And each time I’m surprised by the number of people sharing their boring thoughts and baby pics on the godforsaken social networking site. While there are a lot of people contributing to some solid «Weird Facebook» groups and themed meme pages, the most vocal characters on Zuckerburg’s sinister brainchild are decidedly unfunny, bordering on unhinged. We’re talking middle aged women who post almost solely about wine and not being afraid to speak their minds. We’re talking uncles with sunglassed car selfies. We’re even talking about your friends moms who love minions and those girls from high school that have graduated to fully blown multi-level marketing mavens. While these people may not have a ton in common, there is one striking similarity that we can generally count on: That they are gonna be sharing the worst memes you’ve ever seen. Memes that somehow bring us joy in the form of cringe. 

The r/terriblefacebookmemes subreddit is a treasure trove of this content, and it rarely fails to impress with its catalog of groan-worthy, bottom of the barrel content that your aunt Barbara would both like enthusiastically and share with her 74 followers. And we’re happy to share this selection of bad memes with you.

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