Cursed Thread Reveals the Absolute Nightmare of Fetal MRIs

The world is a scary place. And it just got a whole lot scarier thanks to a Twitter thread from @ZiziFothSi. Apparently, some doctors discourage MRIs while pregnant. The claim comes from the belief that the contrast agents used in the procedure could be dangerous.@ZiziFothSi’s thread, however, challenges this explanation. Instead, she suggests that the real reasons doctors warn against MRIs is because the world would be clued in to how absolutely horrifying fetuses look in the resulting images. 

The photos used to support her theory are undoubtedly disturbing. Ultrasounds are very generous in their ability to obscure the nightmarish nature of these so-called babies growing inside a woman’s womb. As Twitter users pointed out in the responses, they look more like the aliens from Mars Attacks! or a Klingon than a future human being. While the images are revulsion-worthy, they’re also pretty fascinating. Judging by the thread’s wealth of funny and shocked replies, we’re not the only ones who think so. 

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