Decent Memes For Undiscerning Humor Appreciators

If you hate having a decent time sprinkled with light amounts of laughter and smiling, then you should quickly press the «back» arrow on your web browser. We’re here to share memes that are just okay, alongside ones that are straight up weird and deal with current events. So while this collection could be considered garbage to meme snobs, negative Nancys and haters of easy humor, it has a lot to offer. We’re talking memes about this Russia and Ukraine situation. We’re talking relatable anti-work tweets, and self-deprecating possum memes. We’ve also included some slightly more banal and relatable content for people who want to be seen. Last but not least, there are, of course, some cursed memes and images to round it all out. This one goes out to all the people out there who just need something to help pass the time. May this gallery of silly memes and funny tweets be enough to fritter your time away.

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