Dude Shocks Europeans With Amount of Junk Food in US Grocery Store

It’s one of the biggest stereotypes out there that Americans don’t exactly eat healthily. Like many stereotypes, though, it exists because it’s true. Many of us out there eat way too much junk food, but this is often for reasons that extend beyond personal choice. Unhealthy choices are everywhere in this country, and the grocery store is ground zero for this problem. 

So many aisles are filled with processed garbage that it’s hard to see it as unusual, but @nikolai.siegfried has been helping people see it from an outsider perspective. Calling out the sheer quantity of unhealthy foods in the average US grocery store, viewers found it wild to see the amount of additives and sugar on display. 

The fact of the matter is, eating well is expensive here when it shouldn’t be. We should all be able to enjoy our favorite radioactive-colored chip flavor occasionally, but it sucks that this kind of thing makes up the basis of our diets. 

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