Dude Takes Girlfriend To Breaking Point With Living Room Urinal

We’ve all got our little habits at home that are not to everyone’s taste. Some of us are slobs that have a tendency to leave dishes in the sink a few days (or weeks) too long, or we’re cleaning obsessives that go into meltdown mode when guests don’t use the right color coded trash can. Perhaps, it’s just a case that we’re a little too accustomed to getting home and immediately assuming Goblin Mode until we have to go outside again.

While it might be a lonelier existence, the great privilege of living alone is that you really don’t need to change your weird, borderline unsociable behaviors for anyone, so long as the neighbors don’t get involved. No man is an island, though, and it’s likely that you’ll have to reckon with some of your more bizarre habits at some point. 

This isn’t always easy, as a problem shared by one man on r/relationships has proved. In an unusual dilemma, the Redditor shared how he had bought a house with a urinal in the living area. After his girlfriend found out that it was there and that it was being used regularly, she refused to visit his house any longer. 

Commenters barely knew what to make of the strange situation, but most agreed that it was not something that his other half deserved to be subjected to. Relationships are all about compromise, but it would seem like the bond between one man and his urinal is more unbreakable than him and his girlfriend.


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