Dumb and Dubious Posts About Things That Definitely Happened

We all lie sometimes. When we have the opportunity to make ourselves look more interesting by stretching the truth, we may as well take it (and deal with the consequences later). The human circus that is the internet has only worsened our tendency to fib, and made it a thousand times more attention seeking, too. It also doesn’t really make sense. If people decide that we are not being truthful on social media, the consequences can be way more major than simply telling a tall tale to a friend in real life. 

These days, you could say that we’re all highly trained in sniffing out fakes — or others are just so audacious with their lies that they’re easy to spot. At least some liars have the decency to make their stories entertaining. The individuals that these things definitely happened to might be insufferable, but we can’t say that they don’t have us hooked. 

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