Entertaining Thread Reveals Marlon Brando’s Alleged Eating Antics

Marlon Brando was a legend. Unless you’re part of «Generation Alpha,» chances are you loved him in The Godfather, On the Waterfront, and/or A Streetcar Named Desire. The esteemed method actor had a reputation for being intense, even unpleasant at times. Recently, however, we’ve been made aware of another side of the actor: his binge-eating side. 

According to a Twitter thread from @ObtainerOf, Marlon Brando was basically a food addict, «with consumption habits that strike fear into the hearts of ordinary men.» I often feel as though my own munchies-fueled consumption habits are scary, but lemme tell ya: I got nothing on Marlon Brando

The thread goes into painstaking detail regarding the impact that Brando’s bingeing had on both his loved ones and colleagues and while some of the anecdotes are dubious and incredibly entertaining (flying a plane filled with champagne and hams to Tahiti), others are straight-up scary. We’ve put the whole thread in this gallery for easy and eager scrolling, but there’s a bit of guilt in us that’s saying «Look how they massacred my boy.» It’s a shame that Brando struggled with this debilitating issue, but we’re fascinated to see a side of him that was previously unknown, if only to us. 

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