Epic Tweets and Posts That Belong in the Internet Hall of Fame

Listen. We spend a lot of time on the Internet, and especially on Twitter. Every day at least a few hours are spent scrolling through the godforsaken «Bird App,» often wishing for the sweet release of death or a winning lottery ticket. Even though we do see some gems on a daily basis – and share them with you at least once a week – most of the posts we encounter are decidedly mediocre, offensive, or straight-up bad. That said, there are certain tweets, memes, and posts, that have stuck with us over the years, and deserve our recognition. Quite frankly, they should be honored in some sort of Internet «Hall of Fame.» 

While Twitter gimmick accounts often post the same things over and over in the hopes of going viral, there are some that do more good than harm. The aptly named «Internet Hall of Fame» account falls into this category. While they definitely post certain classics with regularity, we’re always seeing new posts that deserve near-universal celebration. And we’re here to share those epic posts with you. 

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