Every Dissociative Chris Pine Meme For Anyone Else Who is Definitely Worrying Darling

Chris Pine has quickly become a meme sensation overnight. Following the Venice Film Festival release of Don’t Worry Darling, a movie directed by Olivia Wilde, which has already out-done itself on intense drama, weird on-set stories, and general debauchery, he was seen looking as if he just had a grim meeting with the ghost of Christmas past.


Honestly, it looks like Chris Pine, who has been in the center of the whirlwind of negative attention and movie drama for months now, appears to be simply over it. During his press release for the film, he literally looks like he would rather be doing jury duty, cleaning his rain gutters, or helping a friend move a couch down three flights of stairs. 


Fortunately for those of us on the Internet, this has turned into one of the most viral and relatable meme formats in recent history, sweeping the web with chilling stills of Chris Pine’s so called «Joker moment» as his mental state unfurls right before our very eyes. 

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