Exaggerated Comments From People Who Are Clearly Easily Amused

As a sufferer of clinical depression and the unrelenting cynicism that comes with it, it’s difficult to make me smile or laugh. Sure, puppies are cute. Yes, memes are funny. But these things just don’t do it for me. I look around at other people – normal, serotonin-having people – and envy their hearty laughs at restaurants and the smiles plastered on their faces during the hectic commute. I’m not about to ask what the hell they’re drinking or smoking. Instead I silently envy the ease with which they are amused or contented. Is this a learnable skill? Is laughing at everything a genetic blessing? Either way, I am left to enjoy their happiness and amusement vicariously, through all-caps comments like the ones below, and comments that claim their author is «SCREAMING» or «CAN’T BREATHE.» May we all feel this sort of simple, silly satisfaction at one point in our lives. 

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