Foodies Get Heated Over What Makes A Good Burger

Even the biggest snobs have to admit that the burger is a beautiful gastronomic invention. Nothing hits quite like a hunk of warm meat (or equivalent substitute) between slices of bread.

However, judging by the transformations it has undergone in the past decade, perhaps it is a little too good. For a long time, it’s seemed like every chef at a two-bit trendy restaurant has been in a race to the bottom to see how inedible they can make the classic sandwich, and there have been plenty of awful contenders.

There has been backlash towards this burger gentrification process for a while now, but @griffski is the latest in line to speak up. Bemoaning that burgers should be wide, not tall, she started a full-blown debate about what makes it a good meal. It wasn’t all bad news, though; some people also provided some shining examples to show that justice is out there.


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