Funniest Broke Memes for Can’t Seem to Stop Spending Money Treating Themselves

For some reason, people think that adulting means that when you make money, you’ve earned the right to spend it. While that may be partially true, does that mean that since you worked, you get to blow all your earnings on fun things? You know what? Forget rent, I need those new shoes. Forget the water bill, let’s go to brunch. Money management is certainly a discipline that a lot of people struggle with. 


Perhaps if it weren’t so fun to live larger than your paycheck, fewer people would attempt it. But for those of us with very little self control and even less in the bank, toeing the line between treating yourself and living in poverty is an art. For those people, we know exactly when the direct deposit is going to hit and we also know when all the sales are. It’s called planning ahead sis, look it up.

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