Funniest Spotify Wrapped Tweets For Listeners In the Top 0.5%

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Today nosy people can finally definitively know what music has been playing in their friends’ and acquaintances’ headphones over the last 11 months. Today’s the day when you remember why you’re not paying $9.99 for Apple Music. Today is Spotify Wrapped Release Day. 

Every year, Spotify gives you stats on all of the abjectly embarrassing music you’ve been jamming to since January. It tells you your top songs and artists and even curates a playlist of your 100 most-played songs of the year! My favorite thing about Spotify Wrapped is that it serves as a time capsule. I can go back and listen to the top 100 songs I was listening to in 2017 and get brought back to that time in my life. If you’re too scared to post your embarrassing stats from your Spotify Wrapped, these tweets might tickle your funny bone. 

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