Funny Batch of Relatable Tweets for the Spiraling Millennials Who Still Deny Adulthood

Guess we’re all adults then, aye? Who’d have thought we’d get this far… especially when you think about the stupid stuff we did back in the day. For example, playing with fireworks, meeting strangers from Omegle, and of course the dangerous pranks we’d play on one another in school. To be fair, there are also a lot of things we kinda miss nowadays. For instance, Myspace. But not our Facebook posts.

We also miss when the dentist gave us small prizes for being brave. We’re just as scared now of them as we were back then, but now there is this expectation that we suck it up, without crying. Can you imagine? Pshhh. Anyway, now that we’re nearing (or already in) our thirties, we’re tired like all the time. Nobody warns you about the sudden puberty you go through around this time — one wrong move and your neck goes crack, caput — you find yourself bedridden for a week. 

Suddenly eating a ton of junk food doesn’t sit well with your developing stomach. And having more than 2 drinks results in a 3-day hangover. Some peeps on Twitter just get it. Scroll down for some of the funniest relatable tweets from fellow Millennials. For those having a bad week — don’t worry, none of us know what the heck we’re doing. 

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