Geeky Memes For Smart People

Let’s be honest: not all memes are for everyone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some memes contain layers of esoteric knowledge reserved for only the nerdiest among us. Being a nerd comes in so many different forms. Nerds can be straight-A students who have devoted their lives to exceeding academically. Nerds can also be pedantic fans of science fiction or fantasy franchises like Star Trek or Lord of The Rings. But y’all already knew that. Everyone is a nerd for something; We all have a devotion for a niche topic so fiercely that it is simultaneously impressive and annoying. I am undeniably a Dance Moms nerd. I have gobbled up nearly every second of that program, and feel no remorse. Unfortunately, Dance Moms is not a geeky interest that is usually associated with intelligence, but that’s quite understandable. No matter what kind of nerd you are, there will be something in this list that will scratch your big brain. 

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