Gordon Ramsay Starts Debate After Criticizing Chicken Nugget Parmigiana

As a wannabe chef, there is no greater shame than a roasting from the master himself. When it comes to culinary entertainment, Gordon Ramsay is a man of many talents. In recent years, attention has shifted from his infamous takedowns on Kitchen Nightmares to his ability to insult every cook brave enough to share their recipes on social media.

While he initially gained notoriety by critiquing chefs who offered up pictures of their meals on Twitter, these days he is more focused on plumbing the depths of culinary TikTok. His reactions to some of the most repulsive meals he can find consistently rack up millions of views.

However, viewers are not always on his side. One video in particular has turned people against the almighty judgment of the celebrity chef, and it involves the food of the everyman — aka chicken nuggets. The recipe is for a chicken parmesan that uses nuggets and slider buns as the base for the meal. Despite Ramsay’s revulsion, many commenters disagreed, wanting to try the recipe in all its processed, cheesy glory. No matter how many Michelin stars you have, there’s no accounting for taste.


##duet with @aldentediva This is definitely a Sunday Supper I’d like to avoid 🤦‍♂️ ##ramsayreacts ##tiktokcooks ##chickenparm

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