Hilarious Twitter Meme Pokes Fun At Couple Stereotypes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means—couples everywhere will be framing pointless expectations for each other based the hype of a highly commercialized holiday. Some will set themselves up for failure, while others will humbly remind themselves that performing romance on a single day doesn’t make your relationship as a whole any more or less enriching. Since Valentine’s Day is so rife with clichés, we thought it might be fun to highlight one trending Twitter meme that pokes fun at hetero couples. We love this meme because there’s a lot of room to get clever with it. Some play with familiar stereotypes, like the ‘homophobic BF and «oh my god babe, don’t say that!» GF.’ And others invent couple archetypes that are funny in their absurdity. We’ve collected some of our favorite ‘BF/GF’ Twitter memes to celebrate yet another Valentine’s Day. 

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