Humbug Day: Funniest Anti-Christmas Memes for People Barely Hanging On This Holiday Season

Christmas is all joy and festivities, but that’s just what the holiday’s PR team wants you to think. This time of the year is a constant struggle. The holiday season is actually all about the mental, emotional, and physical battle. You have to plan everything—present shopping, decorations, making the holiday card, family gatherings, etc.—, you have to socialize with family AND keep the peace, you have to travel, shop, spend money, and so much more. The list is never ending. You think Santa’s naughty or nice list is long, try a holiday planning list! And if you’re a parent?? Thoughts and prayers… How do we get through such a demanding time of year? With memes, of course! You need to give yourself a little break and why not fill that break with some comforting laughs? That’s what these humbug memes are for. You’re trying your best to make this the best holiday season yet, but you can’t deny it is NOT easy. So enjoy these well deserved memes

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