Influencer’s Insane Ad For An Assistant Is The Epitome Of Entitlement

It’s amazing that influencers and other celebrities are still trying to pretend «we’re all in this together.» While some might be dabbling in social issues or sharing their lockdown routines, others are actually actively seeking to hire an assistant in this climate. Writer Taylor Lorenz shared one such employment listing on Twitter today, and the job description is as insane and awful as you’d probably imagine.

The position, which is listed as «Personal Assistant to Influencer,» actually demands the candidate to be on call 24/7 – which is definitely highly illegal. The pay, which is listed at $25-30 an hour, doesn’t seem worth the burden of having to wake someone daily. Even more toxic? The request that the prospective assistant completely turn off their emotions and leave their personal lives at home. If you’re expected to be constantly available, that seems like most of a person’s life. 

As can be expected, Twitter users were quick to marvel at, mock, and roast the advertisement. Some are even trying to guess which «celebrity» would have the balls to ask for so much and offer so little. We’ve put the best responses to the ad (which is below) in this gallery, but you can sink even deeper into the entitlement hole by checking out the thread for yourself.

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