Invasive Karen «Needs» Her Son’s Bosses Number So She Can Check Up On Him At Work

It’s hard to let the baby bird leave the nest. Many parents struggle to balance being involved in their kids’ lives and being overly involved. I understand the struggle! At one point, you had to work day in and day out to ensure this young human survived. Flash forward a few years, and they seem like they don’t need you anymore. This transition can be challenging for parents, but it’s of the utmost importance that parents give kids, especially their adult kids, space to function without them. There’s nothing more horrifying than meeting a first-year college student in the basement of a dorm room crying because their mommy always did their laundry, and they can’t figure out how to. It’s a bad look. 

One mother took to Reddit to ask whether wanting her 18-year-old son’s boss’s phone number is taking it too far. The people of Reddit dissuaded her from doing so and shared their own experiences with helicopter parenting. 

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