Kanye Gave Kim A Holographic Deepfake Of Her Late Father

Remember the time Kanye kidnapped Kenny G and had him perform in the middle of a room full of roses as a Valentine’s gift to Kim Kardashian? Well, we didn’t think it was possible, but he really one-upped himself with his latest stunt. At Kim’s extravagant birthday getaway on some private island, Kanye arranged a simulated reunion with her dead dad. Yup. Kim and her sisters were led into a dark room to greet a holographic deepfake of Robert Kardashian doing a (totally human) little dance and delivering a bizarre monologue from heaven about how much he misses the family and what a genius Kanye West is.

Almost immediately after Kim tweeted a video of the hologram, Twitter predictably exploded with jokes and bewilderment. You’d think that by now we’d all be immune to bizarre and outrageous cultural events, but man, this demented year keeps delivering the weirdness at an impressive rate. We’ve put together some of the best Twitter reactions to the garish birthday gift.

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