Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette Premiere: The Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Bachelor producers dropped a huge bomb on fans when they announced that not one, but two of the contestants who had vied for Matt James’ heart were chosen to be Bachelorette. Bachelor Nation was thrilled that the world would be able to see both Katie Thurston and Michelle Young go through their own public searches for love. Thurston’s season premiered last night, and the two hours of insanity definitely lived up to her own wild entrance.

For those of you who may not remember, Katie was the contestant who marched up to Matt James and presented him with her vibrator, saying that she wanted him to take the place of her trusty quarantine companion. While Bachelor has been slowly ramping things up in the sex department (Windmill sex, anyone?) this was probably the most forwardly sexual entrance we’ve seen yet. That sex positivity has clearly carried over to Katie’s season.

During the episode, Katie was very explicit in her desire for a partner who doesn’t shy away from sex stuff – even adding that her family would be hard pressed to approve of a suitor who’s shy about entering the bedroom. Judging by the episode’s introductions, this attitude (and her vibrator stunt) influenced a lot of men to get incredibly dirty with their greetings. One contestant, Cody, even tried to one-up Thurston by presenting her with a blow-up doll, explaining that it was his answer to her vibrator.

For all the sexy talk, many fans on Twitter expressed confusion (and delight) that producers decided to stir the pot by throwing a conservative virgin into the mix. But that wasn’t the only aspect of the show that got meme’d. Other goofy contestants got the meme treatment as well. While some were mocked (Connor, the wholesome math teacher who spent the evening in a cat suit), Greg Grippo seems to have stolen the hearts of Bachelor Nation’s Twitter contingent. Greg, the youngest of four children, presented Katie with a very special gift – a pasta necklace made by his three-year-old niece. He was rewarded with a very aggressive makeout session. Maybe this is an instance in which the nice guy finishes first? Whatever his fate, all we know is that the craziness got us pretty pumped for next week’s episode and the inevitable drama. These memes and reactions might get you pumped, too. 

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