LinkedIn Poll About Work Mental Health Days Provokes Discussion About Their Necessity

It doesn’t matter whether you make a living mopping floors or you’re a high-powered CEO, burnout is something that is a very real possibility for everybody who works. Most full time workers devote so much of their time to their jobs that it can become overwhelming at times. Even worse is If personal issues start to interfere, which can make it seem impossible to keep on top of all your responsibilities.

Unfortunately, many employers don’t tend to see things that way. Often, we’re lucky if we have the spare vacation time to dip into when our mind takes a turn for the worse, and even then we have to give at least two weeks’ notice if we feel a casual little breakdown coming on. That being said, mental health awareness has had a higher profile over the past decade, 

However, this bonus is still considered as optional by many businesses, as evidenced by a LinkedIn post that has drawn criticism on Twitter. Asking people to rate if companies should give their employees a mental health day, @olsencassidy took issue with the flippant way in which an important issue seemed to be being treated. Plenty agreed with her and had a lot to say about how working culture still needs to change, although not everyone was convinced. Note to self: always check the fine print of your contract before you have a depressive episode.


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