“Maddie Banging On The Door” Is The Latest Dadaesque Remix Meme To Grace The Internet

There’s plenty to love about the hit teen drama Euphoria, from its character’s implausibly wild lives to their implausibly tiny school bags. This is not a show that is short on talking points, and as a result, it’s also really beginning to shine in the area of memes. 

The beginning of its second season brought us «Cassie Hiding In A Bathtub» first, a straightforward meme about dumb social anxiety that quickly snowballed into something a lot more absurd. Now, we’re looking at the other side of the bathroom wall, with «Maddie Banging On The Door» taking yet another screencap from the exact same scene.

This time, though, things got a lot crazier, a lot faster. Maddie’s peculiar knocking skills have encouraged meme makers to use her silhouette in some very creative ways, to the extent it’s getting hard to tell what she was doing in the first place. Who knew that pee break could get so out of hand?


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