Man Gets Roundly Dunked On For His Criticism Of Liberal Arts Degrees

The sciences versus the arts debate is a tale as old as time. We all know the drill by now: those who study STEM subjects are clever with no people skills and the students pursuing arts and humanities are deluded idiots who will never get a «real» job. You might think the argument is starting to get pretty boring, but it doesn’t stop people from finding increasingly obscure reasons  to point out just how dumb the other side is.

The latest advance in this never ending battle has come from @chrismanfrank. Reflecting on an encounter with a coffee making robot recently, he remarked that its invention would likely reduce the value liberal arts degrees. Aside from the underhanded insult towards baristas, the suggestion that an arts education makes someone less employable had Twitter users from all walks of life protesting his comment. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same, and it’s being made even more boring by petty fights over workable skills.


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