Man’s Sheepish Tale Of Finding Passport Prompts Jokes, Retrieves Lost Property

We are all disorganized sometimes. While it’s one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, losing things from time to time is an inevitability of life. Annoyingly, it’s usually the essentials that we tend to lose — as anyone who has scrambled for their keys when they’re already running late can testify.

Not being able to find something important is a painful experience, but it’s no match for the relief you feel when you finally, finally manage to find something. Bonus points if you do it by accident.

This was an adventure that @_callumknight recently went through. Having accepted for the past three years that he had lost his passport, he used a scan of it whenever he needed to show proof of ID. Then, he went to use his scanner when he realized that it had been there all along.

The tweet proved exceedingly useful for multiple people, many of whom found important documents in their neglected gadgets that they thought were lost forever. A few others couldn’t help cracking jokes, too. When it comes down to it, the whole story is proof to always follow the golden rule of retracing your steps.


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