Medical Insurance Worker Gets Accused of Slacking on Claims, Decides to Upend the System

It’s not exactly an unpopular opinion to say that the medical system in the US is screwed up. Almost everyone but the uberwealthy has a horror story of themselves or somebody they know struggling for fair and affordable treatment. The main culprit in many of these tales comes in the form of insurance companies; considering that they’re meant to help their customers pay for the healthcare they need, they sure as heck don’t enjoy doing it.

Someone who knows this all too well is u/jthememeking, who once held a job processing medical insurance claims. After becoming depressed with constantly having to deny people, they decided to hand in their notice and started slacking off.

When management noticed this, they started criticizing—so the reluctant employee got back to work in a rather different way. Fellow Redditors commended them, but also had their own gripes surrounding the world of health insurance. There’s no easy way out.

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