Movie Watcher Puts Snapchat Filter on «Twilight» Series, Produces Hilarious Results

The world has changed in a lot of ways since 2008. The president we have now is the guy who was the second in command to the president back then, and our current impending recession is down to the mishandling of a worldwide public health crisis, compared to our past recession involving a load of bankers with more imaginary money than sense. Also, it’s pretty hard to find people out there who still use the word ‘awesomesauce’ unironically. 

One thing that has remained a constant, though, is the acceptability of laughing at the Twilight series. Even the most diehard fans can accept that it is not exactly a literary or cinematic masterpiece. The seriousness with which it takes itself, as well as some of the weirder aspects of the plot have been the subject of many a meme over the years. It seems like we just can’t stop finding the funny side of it, as @SirKatelyn‘s experiments with a goofy snapchat filter and some of the series’ classic scenes have proved. They even encouraged other people to join in with other movies and shoes. Not gonna lie, I would watch Bella and Edward on screen again if they decided to re-release all the films with this edit. 

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