Multilingual Dude Figures Out Perfect Formula For Speaking Human Simlish

Language is very cool. Nothing displays the diversity of world culture like the ways in which we speak, and these idiosyncrasies don’t just stop with humans. Perhaps the most famous virtual dialect to ever exist is Simlish, the babble spoken by the characters in the favorite game of pool ladder-deleting sadists everywhere. The whole point of this nonsense form of expression is for it to seem recognizable, without it sounding too similar to any real life spoken language. 

However, it could be more in touch with reality than might be expected. According to @a.fed.stock, he has figured out the perfect way of creating your own Simlish  — so long as your Italian is pretty good. In a viral TikTok, he revealed how any fluent Italian sentence spoken in a «happy» American accent sounds eerily similar to how the average sim might speak. Viewers were impressed with the revelation, with some even offering their alternate theories on how to replicate the diction of the video game. It’s never been a more tempting time to fire up Duolingo again.

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