Mysterious Twitter Users Embrace Ambiguity With «Secret Third Thing» Trend

The middle ground can be a very annoying place to be. When you don’t fall on either side of the fence on an issue, you can’t make friends with any side — or even your own brain, for that matter. We can’t find our tribe if we decide that we’re too uncertain to be a part of one in the first place, and that is a lonely way of life.

Nonetheless, many of us subscribe to being like this. Some would argue it’s much more fun to be the perpetual Devil’s advocate. Refusing a binary stance can make you an underdog, somebody who is too cool to pick sides like the rest of those idiots out there. That, or it just makes you look like a wimp and a weirdo. Either way, it’s a point of view that appeals to a lot of people in a lot of different situations, as the «secret third thing» Twitter meme has demonstrated. Never let them know your next move, especially if you don’t even know it yourself. 

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