Nerdy Memes That Mix Star Wars With The Lord of the Rings

Every week we churn out a hefty helping of memes inspired by (or featuring scenes from) The Lord of the Rings. Lately, we’ve been offering up the same for fans of Star Wars. Is it bold of us to assume that there’s some overlap where their fans are concerned? Apparently not. In fact, we’d wager that these Star Wars / LOTR crossover memes count as pretty good proof. 

This particular mix of Tolkien-ized Star Wars memes mostly features characters and meme formats from the prequels, which makes sense when you consider that both fandoms seem to be particularly prolific when it comes to memes. We’re not complaining, either. So if you’re into LOTR, or into the Star Wars universe, consider enjoying a nerdy scroll through these memes. What’s the worst that could happen? 

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