Priceless Thread Ponders Whether Jim Davis Has Been Exposed To The Horrors Of Garfield Fan Art

If there’s one thing it’s important for every artist to know, it’s that you never stop learning. Even when you think you’ve got the technique down, it can help to have some reminders. At least, that seems to be the case for Jim Davis, the Garfield creator who a photo has revealed seems to use an image search of Garfield for reference when he draws him.

On the face of it, this all seems kind of wholesome. It’s better safe than sorry, after all. However, people were quick to point out that your average Google Image search could have confronted Davis with some things that he’d rather not see. As one of the world’s most beloved cartoons, the strange minds of the internet have inevitably posted some messed up versions of everybody’s favorite lasagna eating cat. While it can be rewarding to see a creation you’ve made take on a life of its own, it’s probably less pleasing to be confronted with the full force of Rule 34.


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