Reading Memes For Bookworms Who Can’t Put The Book Down

Have you ever been told by your Math teacher to stop reading the book you have hiding under your desk? Don’t worry, I have too. There’s something so addicting about reading that leads you to neglect all of the other important things in your life. Do you need to clean your room, do your homework, apply for a new job, pay your bills, make new friends, or all of the above? As a reader, you already know that will be impossible with the amount of reading you’re likely to do in the coming days. That’s just the way of the bookworm

There’s such a difference between being a book nerd and a movie buff. If you’re obsessed with a movie, it will take you 3 hours at most to get through the narrative. However, we bookworms require much more time to get through to the bitter end of our stories. If you see a reader reading at what is deemed a «socially inappropriate» time, do us all a favor and leave them alone. 

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