Silly Language Memes and Puns to Remind Us That Words Are Ridiculous

There are many ways to be an artist. Some people paint, others sing, a small minority do cross stitch with swear words on it to sell on Etsy. However, one of the most fun and accessible ways to practice art is by using our words

There are billions of different ways to make jokes with wordplay, and all we need to do is know what different things mean. With all that variety out there, it’s no surprise that memes pick this up and run with it on a regular basis. The possibilities are endless when you’re willing to get real goofy with it. We’re in luck, because that is exactly what any meme ever is designed to do. There is a whole lot of language out there that is made for messing around with, and this content is just a tiny selection of its full potential. It’s nice to have a sample.

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