SJW Accuses Kellogg’s Strike Supporters of Ableism, Gets Roasted and Meme’d

Workers of the world aren’t just uniting—they’re going viral. In August, the Nabisco workers strike took the Twitter spotlight when Danny DeVito mysteriously lost his Twitter verification after expressing support for the strike. On Monday, IATSE voted to authorize a nationwide strike after hundreds of entertainment industry workers shared their stories on an Instagram page affiliated with the union. Now, workers at all of Kellogg’s US cereal plants are striking for fair wages and benefits. Supporters are calling for consumers to boycott the food manufacturing behemoth by avoiding their products until the workers’ demands are met. Most rational humans are all for adequately compensating workers. It’s not that complicated, right?

Turns out holding back on the sugary cereals for a little while isn’t as simple as it seems. One Twitter user did some impressive mental gymnastics to make the strike all about them, replying, ‘hi, someone with heavy food sensory issues here! frosted mini-wheats are one of the only things I can actually consume regularly and not get sick from. guilting people who can’t support boycotts is ableist as f-ck but y’all aren’t ready for that conversation.’ The tweet was quickly deleted after the first wave of roasts and burns came pouring down. Now the copypasta has turned into an ironic snowclone meme that people are using to make fun of Twitter-brained SJWs who perform ‘wokeness’ without giving it much thought. We’ve collected some of our favorite remixes of the cringey copypasta.  

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