‘So I roll up in the Potter house, AVADA-CADABBER!’: Comedian on TikTok hilariously portrays ‘Harry Potter’ scenes as if Voldemort were from Alabama

Anybody who knows anything about Harry Potter knows it’s based in England, so all the characters have English accents unless otherwise noted. Whether you have only read the books, only seen the movies, or are a super fan and have read the books AND seen the movies, you know how these characters sound. I mean, come one, the infamous «POTTAH» that comes out of Malfoy’s mouth every time he enters a scene is a staple of the films. You can’t see Malfoy and not hear that in your head. 


A comedian on TikTok, however, is showing fans a version of Harry Potter from a different dimension and the characters are from Alabama. Imagine if the most infamous Harry Potter character of them all, he who shall not be named, the Voldemort himself, was actually from Alabama. Instead of the villainous British accent he has every time he says the boy who lived’s name or shouting the k*lling curse, you hear it in a Southern accent…It’s sillier than you’d ever expect.  


«I need more Alabama Harry Potter


«[Voldemort] would’ve followed that with ‘ROLL TIDE!'»




«And then he just has a gun instead of a wand.»


«The «has came to die» is the icing on the cake for me – such commitment to the art 🤌🏼✨.»

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